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After many years, working many different jobs in various industries, I’ve come back to the one that holds a place deepest in my soul. Food. 

Food is the universal. Everyone needs to eat and we can learn so much about a country, it’s culture, history, and it’s people through their food. Whether here at home, or traveling overseas, this holds true anywhere you go.

This website is for me to share my experiences living my life in the food industry… there is travel, life behind the line, and big risks and inspirations. Along the way, there will be hilarity, heartbreak, excitement, and just pure awesomeness.



Daun Maynard October 15, 2015 - 1:49 am

I found Red Frog on Trip Advisor and stumbled across your blog. Love it….. I’m going to Portugal in April 2016 and I am going to try as many of the places you mentioned as possible. Thanks so much.

admin January 27, 2016 - 8:32 pm

Thanks for the comment Daun!
Red Frog is a really amazing place, and shows the ingenuity that is going on in the Lisbon hospitality scene that many outside Portugal don’t expect. April’s a great time to go, as it’s not too hot yet, and not full of crowds of tourists. Hope you have a great time!

P.S. any restaurant from José Avillez… you can’t go wrong.

George January 15, 2023 - 9:34 pm

Yes, people are finally understanding the precious and special European country that Portugal is. //europeans, and people from the four corners of the world are moving to Portugal in droves for the reasons that have already been mentioned. Portugal really does have it all! Portugal has suddenly become all the rage after a period of time when most people in the world thought that Portugal was just an undeveloped, backwater, fishing village of Spain.

Today people have discovered on their own the best kept secret that Portugal has been up until not too long ago. Portugal really is much greater than the sum of her parts. Additionally, so many people the world over are also studying the Portuguese language, as it has become a language of great economic importance, as it is officially spoken on 5 continents, by some 270 million people, in ten countries/territories. Portuguese is actually the most spoken language of the Southern Hemisphere, and the most spoken language in South America by 51% of the population of the continent. China in particular, but also Japan, India and the USA are a big trading partners of Brazil (has the 7th strongest world economy), and Angola, Mozambique, are emerging economic powerhouses in Africa super rich in natural resources. All are officially Portuguese speaking economic powers in the world having an abundance of: oil, natural gas, diamonds, gold, silver, coal, coffee, sugar and so many other commodities.

It is estimated that there will be approx. 100 million Portuguese speakers in Africa, and 350 million in Brazil by 2050.. The Portuguese language is booming in Senegal, Namibia, South Africa, Zaire, Zimbabwe, D.R. Congo, etc. The language is also experiencing explosive growth in Asia i.e., Goa, New Delhi, India where Portuguese is being taught in the schools there like never before, Macau, China, is the gateway to the Portuguese speaking world known by the acronym CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) which is currently comprise by the 10 officially speaking countries, and by a few Associate Member countries, and a bunch more who are officially interested. They even have their own Olympic Games, similar to the Commonwealth of Countries. And there are approx. 350,000Japanese Brazilians living in Japan. Portuguese has been introduced in the Japanese school system, and the language is very much alive in: print media (newspapers, magazines, books, etc), television (movies, shows, documentaries, etc), radio station broadcasts daily, etc. Japan has become a hugely important player in Asia for the promotion and dissemination of th Portuguese language. East Timor is now 50% fluent in Portuguese both spoken and written. It is strongly entrenched now in the courts, media, government, education, commerce, etc.. It is estimated that almost all of the East Timorese will be fluent in Portuguese in the next 10 years. The country is super rich in oil reserves! East Timor has become a very important addition to the profile of a Portuguese speaking country in Asia along with Japan, Goa, Macau (and many other Chinese cities too). The number of Portuguese speakers in Asia is also increasing dramatically, and they have close ties to the rest of the Portuguese speaking world (CPLP). Thank you.

The interest shown by the world in all things Portuguese, especially the language and culture is a rather shocking phenomenon, and yet not so surprising. This really is a golden moment in the Portuguese speaking world which has taken the world by storm, and deservedly so, as Portugal has given so much to the world. The saying in Portuguese is that ‘Portugal has given new worlds to the world’! I am so proud of my Portuguese heritage! I recently completed a Ph.D in an “Investigation into the Sephardic Jewish origin of the Pimentel surname, and the ethno, socio, cultural stratification of the Portuguese New Christians by the Inquisition Apparatus, at the height and glory of empire!

Congratulations on a wonderful website so full of useful and important information about Portugal, its language, culture, history, cuisine and people. I applaud your efforts. Everything in your website is excellently presented, organized and researched! Maybe we can collaborate on something together in the near future? Let me know if you would be interested.

George Pimentel PhD


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